Operation Clean City is a community service program founded in 2014 aimed at keeping the environment free of litter and trash. We clean city streets, parks, and roads, as well as rivers, lakes and oceans. We are a based organization in Augusta, GA. We have had efforts in Miami, Dayton, Ohio, Baltimore, Maryland and Tacoma, Washington.

The very first clean-up took place in Augusta, GA and was done by Glen Ford and Joshua Mclean. After having lunch on a Sunday afternoon, Glen and Josh decided they would pick up all the trash that was still left over on the sidewalk from Friday and Saturday night. They walked to a nearby bodega and bought trash bags and grabbers. They finished the clean up with a six bag haul.

The 1st official OCC picture (bottom)

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Fast forward three years later and Operation Clean City has had cleanups across the nation in Baltimore, MD, Dayton, OH, Miami, FL and Tacoma, WA.

Our efforts in Tacoma lead to us adopting a road in the city.