Sponsor Request

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Operation Clean City is a completely volunteer run organization that takes pride in Downtown Augusta. Our mission is to inspire residents and visitors to respect our community by stepping-in to reveal what our Downtown can and be—clean and litter free; a place that we’re all proud of. First and foremost, our aim has been to fight the littering habit in this community through our organized clean ups. While the impact of OCC can be seen after a cleanup is complete, we’d like to amplify our impact and ask that you consider joining us to be a voice in the cause. If you want to help Operation Clean City please see the following packages, and pick one that best suits your commitment to our cause. Your donation will help OCC maintain it’s inventory and will also provide OCC with the means to accomplish all the goals they have to keep our cities clean and raise awareness to our cause.

Black Leaf

Premier Sponsor: The Green Leaf package + monetary donation of $1,000 or more. Your donation would greatly help the OCC cause and go towards furthering our message via special events, promo material, and equipment (our glamorous 5 gallon buckets, gloves, and grabber claws!) Your donation would provide the backbone to fund the OCC Challenge Series that will help Augusta be recognized nationwide as one of the greenest cities in the country.

Gold Leaf

Basic Sponsor: This is the Green Leaf Package + monetary donation up to $1,000, additionally, Gold Leaf Sponsors business logos will be on the back of OCC shirts, buckets and any promotional items we have. Promo videos and photos for OCC will ideally support your business by featuring them; perhaps with cameos by you and/or your team! Check out our current materials on our social media platforms as well as our website. http://www.operationcleancity.org

Green Leaf

General Sponsor: Sponsor provides gift cards or discounts for their products and services to our volunteers, or during special events. The aim is to reward volunteerism while supporting and promoting the business that support the OCC cause. Examples include: Discounts for products or redemption cards (participate in 10 cleanups, get a free beer, etc.) Ideally, volunteers will be encouraged to head to your business after a clean-up; yielding a win-win. For Basic Sponsors, we would like to feature your logo on our website and social media.