OCC Expedition


An Operation Clean City Challenge



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Operation Clean City (OCC) will host “The Expedition”: a quarterly sprint “triathlon” featuring a maximum of 10 athletes.

Pre-Race Cleanup:

At sunrise, the athletes will start out at 13th Street where they will perform the regular Operation Clean City cleanup route at a regular walking pace. Once they reach 7th Street, there will be a symbolic bucket drop, which will signify the beginning of the race.

  1. RUN

The athletes then start out running towards East Boundary and Broad Street, turn around and run back up Broad Street and continue towards 15th Street. There they will take a right onto Reynolds Street then climb up the Levee onto a marked, grassy trail that will lead them to their next destination.

  1. BIKE

Once the athletes reach the marked transition point they will mount their bikes and ride to the headgates then back down the trail towards the Lake Olmstead trailhead, past the Green Jackets Stadium, and continue towards the next marked transition point.

  1. KAYAK

The athletes will then transition from bikes to kayaks and complete the final portion of the race: a grueling back and forth sprint on Lake Olmstead.  



  • Entrance Fee: ____
  • All trails and transition points will be marked.
  • The first person to cross the finish line will be declared winner.
  • Once all competitors have finished the course, OCC will host a ceremony at the Julian Smith Casino gazebo where the top three finishers will be awarded medals and prizes. All other participants will receive a t-shirt.
  • All athletes must sign a waiver prior to participating.
  • Helmets and life vests shall be worn during the bike and kayak legs of the race.
  • All participants must be able to swim.
  • Participants must exercise caution when biking near others and obstacles.