Featured Volunteer

Sandie Crowley has been involved with Operation Clean City since 2016, as OCC Media Manager she laid out the foundation and taught us the basics on how to manage our social media pages, she even helped us set up this very website! Sandie also served as an Operation Clean City Team Lead, which allowed her to lead our weekly clean-ups, but that wasn’t what made her so special, she was grateful enough to allow Operation Clean City to keep our equipment in her art studio and use it as the meeting point for our clean-ups. Thanks for everything you have done! SANDIE

Pete & Kate D. have helped OCC in very different ways, in addition to volunteering every weekend since July 2017, Pete & Kate have helped Operation Clean City reach unprecedented levels with a very important ad campaign. We salute you Kate and Pete! IMG_7371


Katie C. is brand new to the Augusta area, and already she’s leaving her mark.  Her dedication to OCC has earned her great recognition. As part of the OCC Crew, she is one of four authorized members to lead OCC clean ups on the weekends. Hats off Katie!